How I got my name

When you make a blog, of course you have to have a name for it.  Now I am not a creative/funny/witty person, so I started trying to put in a lot of simple, unoriginal names.  Everything I tried was already taken.  So I started thinking about all the math jokes and puns I have heard in the past.  That, naturally, reminded me of a particular student I had in class last year.  He could come up with a pun at the drop of a hat and he frequently gave us all a chuckle with his puns related to whatever we were learning that day.  On one particular day another student asked “What is a pun?” (Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Pre-Calculus, but something we take a brief detour).  The entire class proceeded to try to explain to this young woman what a pun is.  After a few minutes everyone got back to work.  Then a little later in class this punny student asked if she now understood what a pun is.  She replied yes and he responded with “so you can secant you, what a pun is?”  There were a lot of other puns during the year, some were probably better than this, but this one sticks out in my mind the most.  So that’s what I went with for my blog name.  


P.S. – If any Pre-Calc students from the 11-12 school year happen to read this, you should know that I also considered a name like ISawTheSign or ChangeOfAceOfBase 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How I got my name

  1. I love puns. I’m also teaching Pre-Calculus this year, which is a new prep for me. Are you teaching it again this year? If so, I will follow your blog extra diligently!

  2. I’m thinking that you should blog more… This is good stuff. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and thanks for the trip down memory lane (Ace of Base).

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