Last week I missed two days of school to attend training on the new common core state standards.  The training was largely a waste of time, but that is another story.  This week I missed part of yesterday and all of today because I was sick.  The means that I have had a sub for more than three days out of the past 6 days of school.  Unfortunately, our district does not have any subs that know anything about math.  So when I am gone I have to try to come up with stuff that my classes can do without any help at all.  Most of the time I am largely unsuccessful at this.  For today I had a short youtube video that my Algebra 2 classes were supposed to watch about graphing absolute value equations.  Lame, I know, and they probably hated it, but what else can I do when the book doesn’t explain it well and the sub won’t know anything about it?  Is it a sign of a good teacher or a bad teacher when my classes don’t get much accomplished when I am gone?  I need some ideas about what I can do when I have a sub besides just review worksheets.

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